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Welcome to JLyn Handmade!


JLyn Handmade is owned and operated

by me, Jennie Brandon, in Edmond, OK.

I am a Generation X adult, wife to Bryon

for 26 years, and mom to two great young

adults—Kristen and Jantz! Also, dog-mom

to Cody for the last 13 years!


My Sewing Journey—In April of 2020, I

decided to pull out a Bernina sewing

machine my mom had lent to my daughter

to make a quilt for a friend. Little did I know that this small act would lead me to uncover my great passion - creating with fabric!


After making a few quilts, table runners, wall hangings, etc. I gifted most of what I made but I still wanted to dive deeper into sewing skills.


I decided to try my hand at bag making—loved it! I use my Juki TL18 and Glide 40wt thread for most all bag making—the straight stitch on this machine can not be beat!


The next skill I wanted to learn was longarm quilting. I purchased an Innova M24 from my local dealer and have never looked back. My Innova is a workhorse and makes my quilting look good!


The latest skill I have been working on is machine embroidery. I purchased a Bernina 770QE recently and have been fully immersed in everything embroidery.


I have won several ribbons at the Oklahoma State Fair in 2023 for quilts. Including First place in the Masters Quilt Category and First place and Grand Champion in the Donation Quilt Category.


That’s a little about me and my sewing journey. As you can probably tell from what you have read so far, I love learning new skills and finding different ways to incorporate them together. 

Whether you purchase an item from my shop that I have lovingly handmade or collaborate on a quilt through my longarm quilting services—I hope you end up with an item that you love!

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